Here’s how many Bay Area workers are losing their jobs

Photo by Roland Li

The Google logo is displayed on a carpet in the entrance lobby of Google France in Paris. Google said it is laying off 12,000 workers, becoming the latest tech company to cut staff after rapid expansions during the COVID-19 pandemic have petered out.

Michel Euler, STF/Associated Press

Google’s mass layoff of 12,000 workers will affect at least 1,845 workers in California, including 1,608 in the Bay Area, according to state documents.

The cuts include offices at the company’s Mountain View headquarters, which experienced the most cuts in the state with 1,436 employees affected; San Bruno, home of YouTube headquarters; and Palo Alto. Los Angeles and Irvine also suffered cuts. No jobs were affected in San Francisco, where the search giant has numerous offices near the Embarcadero.

The cuts represent 15% of the company’s total global layoffs and will take effect on March 31.

A wide range of job types were affected, from marketing managers to user experience designers to software engineers and even 27 massage therapists.

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